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  • Emergency Alerts
    • Public Safety, Traffic, Weather
    • Police Notifications
    • Emergency Preparedness Drills/Exercises
    • Emergency Preparedness Newsletters
  • Functional Needs Registry for Residents with Access and Functional Needs
  • General County News and Information
  • Tax Deadline Reminders and Updates
    • Business, Real Estate, Car (Personal Property), Dog License Renewals & Tax Relief
  • Transportation Information and Alerts
    • Fairfax Connector Passenger Information
    • Public Meetings and Events
    • News Releases from FCDOT
    • Projects and Studies Updates
  • Budget News and Economic Indicators Report
  • Elections Updates
  • Homelessness News
  • McLean Community Center Information and Newsletters


  • Up to five addresses, i.e., school, work and home
  • Pick from weather, traffic, public safety, taxes, elections, news and more
  • Create a “do not disturb” timeframe
  • Get geo-targeted weather alerts

Alerts for Everyone

  • Families
  • Businesses
  • Faith Communities
  • Nonprofits
  • Volunteers

Mobile Devices

  • Choose up to 10 delivery methods, including cell phone, home phone, email, text messaging and more
  • Manage your profile from the iPhone or Android apps
  • Two-way conversations with emergency managers

Terms of Service

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