Gang Prevention

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Fairfax County continues to be one of the safest jurisdictions in the country. Working together we can make sure Fairfax County remains at the forefront of preventing gang crime and the influence of gangs on our children. Parents, family members and entire communities are the number one defense against a child becoming a part of a gang or choosing to participate in gang-like activities. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors' comprehensive gang prevention, intervention and suppression effort coordinates county, school, private, faith-based and community-based gang prevention programs and initiatives.

Fairfax County has long been involved in gang prevention and related public safety activities through its Police Department's Gang Investigative Unit and providing numerous recreation and education programs for youth.


How to Prevent Gang Involvement

To find out where to turn if someone you know is involved with a gang or to prevent gang involvement,
call 1-866-914-GANG (4264)
(this number is answered 24/7) 


Cómo impedir que alguien se involucre con las pandillas

Para saber con quién hablar si alguien que conoce se involucra con una pandilla o para impeder que alguien se involucre con las pandillas,
llame al 1-866-914-GANG (4264)
(este número es respondido 24/7)



Send requests for information on gang prevention presentations and training for groups to