Fairfax County Must Unexpectedly Process Voter Registrations Due to a State Delay

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Virginia voter registration application.


For the second time this fall, the Virginia Department of Elections unexpectedly sent Fairfax County 11,000 voter registration applications today, Oct. 31.

These applications were from people who registered to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles this summer. These new applications are in addition to the previous 11,789 DMV voter registrations from this summer that the state delayed sending to the county until Oct. 5.

Immediately after receiving the new 11,000 DMV registration applications today, the Fairfax County Office of Elections began work to process them. Election officials say they will do whatever it takes to ensure these people are on the list of registered voters, so they can vote in the normal manner on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8.

The Office of Elections successfully processed the previous set of 11,000 applications before the registration deadline in October.

If you are not on the list of registered voters, you may submit a same day registration at your polling place on Nov. 8 and vote a provisional ballot. However, it is critical that you fill out the same day registration application accurately and completely.

Voters may check their registration status on the state’s online portal, or call the Fairfax County Office of Elections at 703-222-0776, TTY 711.

For questions or more information, contact the Fairfax County Office of Elections by email or call 703-222-0776, TTT 711.

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