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What's going on in Tysons?

We've launched the Tysons Trackera new online, interactive platform to better showcase the monitoring data that traditionally was collected and published in the Tysons Annual Report. The new online platform provides you with a wide range of information about land use changes, transportation improvements, environmental stewardship, public facilities, parks and other development activity and implementation efforts that occurred in the Tysons area from August 2020 through July 2021.

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Major Accomplishments This Past Year

  • Approval of one major zoning
  • Delivery of two buildings
  • Delivery of one public facility
  • Implementation progress on the grid of streets
  • Review of the Silver Line Metrorail ridership and other modes of transportation
  • Updates on parks and public facilities proffered and delivered in Tysons

Since adoption of the Comprehensive Plan for Tysons in 2010, county staff has closely monitored the progress of implementing the vision for Tysons. Annual reports were created to showcase each year’s changes and improvements while monitoring the progress on development levels, land use mix, transportation improvements, parks and athletic field commitments, and commitments for other public facilities.


The goal of the Comprehensive Plan for Tysons is to create a walkable, sustainable urban center serving a potential population of 100,000 residents and 200,000 employees by the year 2050. As illustrated in the Tysons Tracker, data from the past year shows development levels in Tysons are generally keeping pace with Comprehensive Plan goals. Updates to the Tysons Tracker will be made by county staff on an annual basis.

Email notifications of platform improvements or new data will be sent out through the Tysons listserv . Questions about the Tysons Tracker should be sent to tysons@fairfaxcounty.gov .


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