August “County Magazine”: Arts, Business, Emergency Preparedness and Library Redesign

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Fairfax County continues to flourish with diverse initiatives. From artistic collaborations to fostering business growth and prioritizing safety, the county stands as a model for inclusive and vibrant communities.



In the August edition of "County Magazine," we uncover a rich tapestry of topics that exemplify the vibrancy of the county.

  • Artistic Engagements: ArtsFairfax, our premier arts organization, introduces its latest artist-in-residency program. Collaborating with diverse communities, professional artists bring the power of creativity to residents, fostering connections and transforming lives.
  • Business Opportunities: The Department of Procurement and Material Management guides businesses seeking to provide goods and services. Understanding the procurement process, from small purchases to formal bids, opens doors to thriving partnerships.
  • Emergency Preparedness: The recently approved Emergency Operations Plan outlines the roles of county agencies in disaster response. Cooperation and coordination among departments and stakeholders ensure efficient and safe outcomes.
  • Library Revamp: The Patrick Henry Library prepares for a redesign that embraces openness and light. Honoring the past while promoting inclusivity, the new space aims to serve all members of the community.


“County Magazine” is produced by Fairfax County Government Cable Channel 16, which can be viewed on Cox Cable on channel 1016 (HD) and channel 16 (SD); Verizon Fios channel 16 (SD); Comcast channel 16 (SD); via digital TV with QAM tuner on channel 34-16; as well as live online

Past episodes of “County Magazine” can also be viewed on the county’s YouTube channel as they are published each month; be sure to subscribe for notifications. Past programs are also available via a County Magazine Playlist.

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