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Our newly updated Site Specific Plan Amendment (SSPA) process has kicked off. The SSPA process gives you a way to propose a land use change in the Comprehensive Plan for a single site or collection of parcels. The Comprehensive Plan guides land use and development decisions in the county and sets forth the community’s future vision. The SSPA process gives you a hands-on opportunity to shape this long-term vision alongside your neighbors. Now through Oct. 28, nominations, or proposals for a land use change, will be accepted online.


What’s New This Year?

In July, the Board of Supervisors endorsed updates to the SSPA process to provide more opportunities to nominate site-specific land use changes, enhance community engagement, reduce the overall review timeline, and balance long-range planning resources. The 2022-2023 SSPA process will be countywide, and most areas of the county are eligible for nominations.


Additional Updates to the Process

Illustrative concept

  • New submission requirements such as an illustrative concept plan and property owner’s consent, to help stakeholders review the nominations. 
  • A public workshop with Planning Commission members during the screening process.
  • Community meetings to review and discuss the nominations with people who live and work near the nominated sites.


Why Should You Get Involved?

A unique feature of the SSPA process is that anyone can participate and offer ideas for land use changes. Community involvement is key in all stages of the SSPA process and helps ensure that the county continues to be an attractive, safe and sustainable place to call home for generations to come.

If you would like to get involved in the SSPA process and submit a nomination, visit the 2022-2023 Countywide SSPA webpage to learn more and access many helpful resources, like the nominators guide, eligibility map, the SSPA timeline, community participation details and frequently asked questions. You can also sign up for updates by subscribing to the Comprehensive Plan Announcements email service under the “Land Use & Development” heading.


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