Why It's Important to Prepare for Hurricane Season

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The County Conversation - Hurricane Preparedness


In a recent episode of the "County Conversation" podcast, Cara Howard, assistant coordinator of training and exercise with Emergency Management and Security, shares insights on the importance of hurricane preparedness.

Howard emphasizes that families need to have a solid emergency plan and practice it regularly.

"Your kit and your plan should be like a best friend you can count on in times of need."


Howard also stresses the importance of staying informed by utilizing various channels, such as Fairfax Alerts, the emergency blog and social media.

"Being informed is crucial to making the right decisions for the safety of you and your family," Howard explains.

Additionally, businesses should prepare for a hurricane by having a continuity of operations plan and encouraging their employees to have their own personal emergency plan and kit.

"It's important to have a plan with your family, to know the plan, [to] practice the plan, and have a kit at various locations such as your house, your car, and at work." - Cara Horward

Overall, this “County Conversation” episode serves as a reminder that even though hurricanes aren't the number one hazard in the county, it only takes one storm to cause significant damage. By staying informed and prepared, residents and businesses can be better equipped to face any emergency situation that comes their way. 

"It's not a question of if it will happen, it's a question of when it will happen," Howard noted.



The Department of Emergency Management and Security coordinates emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery services to county residents with the appropriate agencies and external partners. This typically occurs in our Emergency Operations Center. Efforts are guided by the Emergency Operations Plan, which is reviewed annually and updated every four years. Through outreach, emergency management encourages residents to become more resilient to ensure they are prepared for emergencies. Public alerts and warning systems like Fairfax Alerts ensure residents are informed during an emergency.



The “County Conversation” is a podcast featuring employees and subject matter experts from the Fairfax County Government discussing programs, services and items of interest to residents of Fairfax County. Click here to listen to past episodes of "County Conversation.”

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