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How To Qualify for Managed Deer Hunts

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Fairfax County will be adopting a "non-lead" policy for all slug rounds used. Buck-shot will no longer be approved within the Managed Hunt program.

How To Qualify
  1. All Hunters will be required to qualify with the Fairfax County Police Department. Qualifications are valid for two (2) years.
  2. Each hunter will be allowed 3 attempts per weapon. Only weapons and ammunition qualified with and listed on the certification card may be used or possessed during the hunt. All participants must qualify.
  3. Only hunters who have applied for the Fairfax County Managed Hunts will be allowed to qualify.
  4. Managed hunt qualifications have been developed with the expertise of the FCPD Range personnel.

Qualification Dates/Times:

Managed hunts will not be conducted for the 2024-2025 deer season.

*Hunters should follow additional signs once through the gate straight to the Rifle deck building.

*Contact Sergeant Earit Powell, at 703-324-0280or at earit.powell@fairfaxcounty.gov with any questions. 

Managed Hunt Qualification Criteria


Managed Hunt Qualifications

Shotgun with Slugs
(non-lead slug rounds)

*No buckshot allowed

1 round: sitting at 75 yards

1 round: standing at 50 yards

1 round: standing at 25 yards


  • Qualifications for use of shotgun with slugs will be conducted at the FCPD Range on dates and times listed above.
  • Last call will be at 1300. Anyone arriving after 1300 will not be allowed to shoot.
  • Ammo and weapons should be stored separately until given directions by the Firearms Instructors.
  • Qualification will be on full size deer targets, and from an elevated deer stand.
  • FCPD Range staff will provide criteria for qualifying when you arrive at the range.
  • FCPD Range has determined that no fee will be charged for weapons qualification.
  • FCPD Range is not a “sight-in” facility and no practice shooting will be permitted at the range prior to a qualification attempt.  You must come with your weapon already sighted in and ready to go.  Failure to not have your weapon or ammo ready will eliminate you from qualifications.
  • Hunters must provide their own ammunition and qualify with the firearm to be used during the managed hunt(s).
  • Ladder stand equipment will be provided for elevated position use at the FCPD Range.
  • Hunters must provide own safety strap and may use brace/support to qualify, if necessary.
  • All firearms must be unloaded with action open while at a range except when specifically instructed by range instructor to load and fire weapon. Failure to comply with regulations, unsafe activity, or instructions by range instructor will result in immediate removal from the site, not completing requirements for the hunt, and no permit or firearms qualifications.
  • The range instructor’s decision regarding safety or qualification at the range is final – NO APPEALS
  • Bring ear and eye protection – FCPD range requires you to have both types of protection to get on the firing line.
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