Fairfax County is home to a diverse range of wildlife species. General information on the ecology and behavior of our most common species of wildlife is provided in this section. This information is intended to serve as a resource to educate and empower the residents of Fairfax County with knowledge about our wild neighbors.

News and Information
Wildlife Species

A full list of wildlife species found in Virginia is available at the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources on the “Official List of Virginia Native & Naturalized Species”.

 For more information about native wildlife and wildlife management please contact the Fairfax County Wildlife Management Specialist, Dr. Katherine Edwards at (703) 246-6868.

For information on managing wildlife interactions and resolving human-wildlife conflicts, the Virginia Wildlife Conflict Helpline is available toll-free at (855) 571-9003, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. This helpline is a collaborative effort between the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources and the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Wildlife Services.

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