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Rules to Participate in Managed Deer Hunts

Rules To Participate in Managed Deer Hunts

1.     All Applicants must pass a criminal background check.  Disqualifying convictions are, but not limited to any type of child exploitation violation, domestic violence, weapons charges, animal cruelty or any felony.

2.     Hunters, standby hunters, and volunteers must wear minimum of 400 square inches of solid blaze orange material on their head, chest and back during the managed hunt activity

3.     Hunting is only permitted in designated hunt areas. Designated hunt areas for tree stand set-up will be clearly shown on a map provided with the confirmation letter sent to all successful applicants.

4.     All hunters will hunt from elevated tree stands. Hunters are responsible for providing their own portable tree stand and a safety harness. Screw-in steps, large nails, or other devices known to cause damage to trees are not permitted.

5.     Antlerless white-tailed deer are the only animals permitted to be taken during the managed hunt activity. The Fairfax County Deer Management Program is a deer population control plan to reduce high-density herd on public parkland for the county. All participants selected agree to abide by the rules, regulations or restrictions stipulated when participating in a county deer management activity.

6.     Hunters must make a reasonable attempt to retrieve wounded deer. Any injured deer that is not recovered or travels out of the designated hunt area must be reported.

7.     The Fairfax County Deer Management Program is operated under a deer population control permit (DPOP).  Hunters will use no personal big game tags during a managed hunt. ONLY ANTERLESS DEER MAY BE TAKEN, unless otherwise specified.

8.     All harvested deer must be taken to the designated checking station for biological data collection (weight, age, sex) and tagging. Hunters will be responsible for transporting deer to designated trails or road for assistance and transportation to the check station.

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