2021 Food Summit Highlights COVID-19 Impact on Food Equity

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2021 Food Summit Graphic

The Fairfax Food Council recently hosted a virtual 2021 Fairfax Food Summit Empowering Equitable Food Solutions: Collaborations During COVID and Beyond. 

This year, the summit focused on how our food system responded to the challenges faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and reflected on how to build upon the new collaborations, innovative solutions and successes that resulted from this response. The 2021 Food Summit also looked to continue efforts initiated during the 2019 Food Equity Summit in bringing attention to and addressing food access and food equity challenges in our community.

Over the course of two hours and five sessions, speakers took a broad, yet succinct, look at the equity impact on health, employment, urban agriculture, new food partners and collaborations and first-time food insecure residents. 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, access to healthy food became a challenge for an increasing number Fairfax community members. The entire food system was put to a test and as a result valuable lessons and unique collaborations were formed,” shared Diane Charles, Fairfax Food Council Project Manager. “The Food Summit provided an opportunity to discuss ways to keep the momentum going to enable collaborations to continue to address food inequities in meaningful ways.”

Even though it was virtual, at the conclusion of the summit, registered participants were invited to pick up a lunch from their choice of three culturally diverse food trucks: Bonn Boni, ChaatAnd More, and Memaw’s Table. These options were selected with the help of Frontier Kitchen, an organization that assists companies transition from the start-up or small business phase and grow them into strong, sustainable companies.

Watch the recording of the 2021 Food Summit and learn more about the Fairfax Food Council.

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