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Daryl Washington,
Executive Director

Online behavioral health training for medical personnel

Be ready to address your patients' behavioral health concerns

Screen capture of online behavioral health trainingKognito's research-proven, evidence-based role-play simulations enable health professionals to build their capacity to lead real-life conversations that improve the social, emotional and physical health of their patients.

In this suite of six free, online simulations, users enter a virtual environment and engage in role-play conversations with emotionally-responsive virtual humans. Through practice and receiving personalized feedback, you can learn and assess your competency to lead similar conversations in real life. 

The online trainings can be completed on any computer with Internet access. The programs are divided into modules of 10-20 minutes each and can be completed all at once or over a period of time.

For more information about this training initiative, contact Marla Zometsky, Manager of CSB's Wellness, Health Promotion & Prevention.

Online youth suicide prevention training

Interactive, online role-play training simulations for educators to build skills in dealing with mental health issues among their students. The Friend2Friend course allows high school students to practice connecting with a friend they're concerned about.
Fairfax Virtual Assistant