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The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board provides services for people of all ages who have mental illness, substance use disorders, and/or developmental disabilities.

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October 9, 2018
"Written Off" is a unique first-person account of substance use disorder The opioid crisis has left a trail of broken lives, families, and communities across the nation, and Fairfax County is not immune from this crisis. There are many factors that contribute to the crisis but the impact of stigma  ̶  the negative attitudes and beliefs directed towards people with substance use disorder and mental illness  ̶  is significant and often prevents individuals, families and friends from recognizing the warning signs of substance use disorder. And even after they do, stigma can keep them from seeking care. The documentary Written Off is challenging conventional thinking about addiction. The hour-long film tells the true story of a young man named Matt whose journals chronicle his 10-year struggle to escape dependency on prescription painkillers. By taking the viewer inside an individual’s fight against opioids, Written Off combats stigma and humanizes the victim like the movie Philadelphia did for HIV/AIDS. Fairfax County is using the film to initiate community conversations about stigma to create an environment where talking about mental health and substance use disorder is no different than talking about cancer or diabetes. Each of us can change the way we think about addiction, and together we can break down stigma and save lives. Please plan to join us at an upcoming film screening and discussion. Upcoming public screening events Thursday, November 15, 2018 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Chantilly Regional Library, 4000 Stringfellow Road, Chantilly Register to attend. Thursday, December 6, 2018 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sherwood Regional Library, 2501 Sherwood Hall Lane, Alexandria Register to attend. Host your own screening If you are interested in hosting a screening of the film for your community, please email your request to health@fairfaxcounty.gov. Below you will find a facilitation guide and other resources that can help support your event. Additional Resources Facilitation Guide Know the RxSK Use with Caution (Northern Virginia) Virginia Task Force on Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse Virginia Department of Health National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  

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October 5, 2018
At the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) Board meeting on September 26, 2018, the Board passed a motion to post proposed changes to its fee related documents for public comment. The CSB Board’s Ad Hoc Fee Policy Committee met on July 25, August 22, and September 12, 2018. At the final meeting, the committee members endorsed the proposed revisions and the request to forward the fee related documents to the CSB Board for approval to post for public review and comment. The recommended changes include: Synchronization of the Ability to Pay Scale income levels with Federal Poverty income guidelines released each January. Cost-based rate changes for outpatient, residential, and Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services. Updates and clarifying edits to the Fee and Subsidy Related Procedures Regulation 2120.1. After the public comment period and subsequent to approval by the CSB Board on October 24, the Fee Schedule will be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for review on November 20. Following Board of Supervisors review, staff will inform clients, conduct staff training, and make adjustments in the Electronic Health Record, resulting in an effective date not sooner than February 1, 2019 for both the Fee Schedule and the Ability to Pay Scale. Changes to the Board Policy and Fee Regulation however will become effective in November 2018. Written comments will be accepted until 5 p.m, October 23, 2018 and should be addressed to: Ad Hoc Fee Policy Committee, Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, 12011 Government Center Parkway, Suite 836, Fairfax, VA 22035-1105, or sent via email to wwwcsb@fairfaxcounty.gov. Printed materials are available for review at the same address; if interested, please call 703-324-7000 , TTY 711. One final opportunity for public comment on the proposed changes will take place during Matters of the Public at the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board meeting on: October 24, 2018 5 p.m. Merrifield Center 8221 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive, Level 3, Room 409A Fairfax, Virginia 22031 Summary of Changes Readoption of Board Policy 2120 – Reimbursement for Services Draft Ability to Pay Scale – Synchronizes the Ability to Pay Scale income levels with the Federal Poverty Levels published by the federal government every January. Draft Fee Schedule – Updates Outpatient, Residential, and Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services fees to maximize Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Draft Fee and Subsidy Related Regulation 2120.1 – Delete "if disability based" in Section VII of the regulation. Medicare-enrolled clients will have a 0% liability. Delete "Examples include where there is probable cause to believe that no intervention would have resulted in serious physical harm to the individual or others or where the person requesting the civil commitment assessment is no the individual being evaluated" in Section XIII of the regulation. Add "when the individual is able, by clinical standards, to provide informed consent" to Section XIII of the regulation.

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September 18, 2018
According to a new national survey conducted online by the Harris Poll* on behalf of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, Americans overwhelmingly (94 percent) believe that suicide can be prevented. The survey also indicated that most (94 percent) would take action to help someone close to them who was thinking about suicide. Would you know what to do if someone you care for were considering suicide? The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) can help. Family members, friends, and coworkers play a large role for being there for someone who might feel alone, helpless or isolated. The CSB sponsors and provides trainings that can help people know what to do and when to do it. Trainings are online or in-person and most are free or may involve a nominal fee. Three ways to boost your knowledge on suicide prevention: Sign up for one of CSB's Mental Health First Aid training courses. Mental Health First Aid Introduces to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, builds understanding of the importance of early intervention, and teaches how to help someone who is in crisis or experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge. Online trainings by Kognito, a leader in online and mobile learning. Kognito modules include online simulations that help prepare adults, including educators, to recognize when young people exhibit signs of psychological stress and how to address a need for appropriate support. Online screening tools are free, confidential and a quick way to determine whether you or someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional. There are nine screenings to select, including, covering teen moods, anxiety, depression and others. Other results from the survey indicated: Nearly 4 in 5 adults (78 percent) are interested in learning more about how they might be able to play a role in helping someone who may be suicidal. More than 9 in 10 adults (94 percent) think suicide can be prevented sometimes/often/all the time. Nearly 3 in 4 adults (73 percent) would tell someone if they were having thoughts of suicide – which shows the importance of having non-judgmental conversations. When it comes to their own health, 4 in 5 US adults (80 percent) say mental health and physical health are equally important. In our current health care system, however, most adults (55 percent) say physical health is prioritized over mental health. Almost half (48 percent) of those who have spoken with others about suicide say it makes them feel better – showing that talking about suicide does help. Learn more about the CSB’s resources, partnerships, and opportunities to help prevent suicide. September is National Suicide Prevention Month; get involved and learn more. *A full report on the poll is available at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; afsp.org/harrispoll.    

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September 6, 2018
Recovery is real. It happens every day. Discover hope and help, and help spread the word.   The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) provides assessments, information, treatment and resources for mental health and substance use concerns. In September, the CSB joins tens of millions of people across the nation who promote the societal benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery for mental and substance use disorders by observing National Recovery Month. This year’s theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Invest in health, home, purpose and community. The CSB encourages all residents to learn about and celebrate recovery in these five ways: Join the CSB for a free, community-wide Recovery Resource Open House at the Merrifield Center on Wednesday, September 26, from 3 to 6 p.m. Meet a panel of parents who’ve “been there, done that” with their teens who experimented with drugs and alcohol and are now in recovery. Think you know someone with a problem but don’t know where to turn? Learn about CSB treatment services as well private treatment providers from across the region. Learn about music as a recovery tool from Recovery Unplugged, a new addiction treatment program that recently opened in Fairfax County. Music has the power to change lives; you’ll meet musicians and hear their stories and songs. Meet a panel of peers who live in recovery and hear their stories and wellness strategies. Connect with peers in a non-judgmental, stigma-free environment. Sign up for a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) seminar course. All WRAP classes are free and open to the public. A WRAP is a plan that helps guide one’s journey into recovery with hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support. Participants explore self-help tools and resources for keeping themselves well and for coping through difficult times. Seminar I of WRAP is comprised of eight 2-hour classes grounded in mental health recovery concepts. Classes are available in Reston, Annandale, Alexandria, and Arlington starting soon - see the full schedule. Contact Michelle Hurrell at mhurrell@recoveryprograms.us to register or with questions. Recovery Unhooked 3, a FREE electronic dance music and recovery event on Saturday, September 22 at Corner Pocket at the Hub, George Mason University, 4400 Rivanna River Way, Fairfax 22030, 8 p.m. to midnight. No booze. No drugs. Just EDM and dancing. This free event is a Virginia Recovery Initiative and sponsored by Virginia Recovery Initiative for Region II, CSBs across Northern Virginia, and the Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance (SAARA) of Virginia. Pathways to Wellness Conference on Friday, October 12, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Fairfax County Government Center. This 17th annual event will include a community resource fair, presentations, a networking lunch, and afternoon workshops. Apply for a scholarship or purchase your tickets now. For more information or to volunteer, contact Nancy Mercer, Conference Coordinator. Share the voices for recovery with these recovery-themed public service announcements (produced by the Department of Health and Human Services and SAMHSA) Voices for Recovery R is for Recovery A strong, well-informed community can mean stronger social and societal connections, and may help foster participation in recovery programs and improved overall mental wellness. Learn more about Recovery Month.

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