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Jessica Hudson,
Library Director

Fairfax Community Leaders Can Help With EBB


Connectivity for All

We have an opportunity to help our neighbors get access to this highly valuable benefit — and we need your help! The EBB helps eligible households pay for internet service and a device, but it doesn’t cover communications and training. That’s why we’ve organized a DMV-wide outreach campaign, working with Connected DMV’s Connectivity for All initiative. We want to drive awareness and adoption of the program and help connect individuals to foundational computer training where needed.

Let’s maximize Fairfax County’s participation by spreading the word about this program and encouraging eligible residents to apply for this historic emergency short-term benefit through our network of food banks, libraries, schools, municipalities, places of worship, and other community organizations. Together we can come together to end the Digital Divide.

Training Opportunities

Please join us as a Community Leader for the Connectivity for All effort, helping us spread the word about the EBB opportunity to decrease monthly costs for connectivity. Fairfax County is offering virtual training opportunities so that you can learn more about EBB as well as the specifics of the application process to help guide your network through the process.

We’ve recorded two 90-minute Zoom sessions, held May 18 and 26, including a Q&A portion so that you can hear directly from source how this program will function and what we can all do to ensure access for all.

Fairfax Virtual Assistant