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CONTACT INFORMATION: All public resources of the GIS Division are now available online. For public assistance, inquiries through email are responded to more rapidly than those via phone messages. County staff should utilize the internal Help Desk system for support.
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Michael Liddle
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Learn about the service areas supporting businesses in Fairfax County

The GIS Division has worked with the Department of Economic Initiatives to map the service areas for chambers and other organizations supporting Fairfax County businesses. These areas have been compiled in an interactive mapping application that can be used to search any address in the county and discover which area(s) that location falls in. (Note: chamber membership is not restricted by location; businesses and individuals should feel free to join the chamber(s) that best meet their needs.)

For more information about how Fairfax County supports business activity in the county, please contact the Department of Economic Initiative's Business Experience Partnership.

This link launches the Chambers of Commerce Service Areas application

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