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Investigation Underway Following In-Custody Death

We are actively investigating an in-custody death in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County. Patrol officers from our Franconia and Mount Vernon District Stations responded to the 4300 block of Mission Court for an overdose call for service at 4:32 yesterday afternoon involving 31-year-old Christopher Paul who was experiencing either a mental or medical health episode. A family member was struck in the head from his actions. When officers arrived on scene, they found the family member outside the house. Paul was inside the house. Crisis intervention trained officers entered the home, and tried to de-escalate the situation by speaking with Paul. He was actively trying to harm himself and fell on the floor. Immediately after Paul fell, officers safely placed him in handcuffs to prevent further harm to himself or others. After officers handcuffed him, Paul continued to flail and a supplemental nylon restraining device was used to restrict his leg movements to protect officers and fire department personnel from being kicked. As Fairfax County Fire and Rescue staff were medically assessing Paul, he became unresponsive and medics immediately began treating him. Fire department personnel took Paul to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Six officers have been placed on routine administrative leave pending the criminal and administrative investigations. The following officers responded:

  • Officer from Mount Vernon District Station, 2 years of service
  • Officer from Franconia District Station, 4 months of service
  • Officer from Franconia District Station, 15 years of service
  • Officer from Franconia District Station, 15 years of service
  • Officer from Franconia District Station, 2 years of service
  • First line supervisor from Franconia District Station, 13 years of service

As a part of our body worn camera pilot program, there is footage from the Mount Vernon District officer that will be released by the Chief when it will no longer jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. Once the criminal investigation is complete, the case will be presented to the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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