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This is Quitting Toolkit

Help us spread the word about This is Quitting! 

Use these resources to help encourage teens and young adults to sign up and get support to help stop vaping. Key messages help highlight the important points to share and can be adapted to fit your own needs and products. Or you can simply copy and past the social media posts and newsletter messages into your own channels.

Key Messages

  • The brain is still developing until about age 25. Nicotine, found in 99% of vape products, is addictive and can harm brain development. It can also affect mood and focus.
  • Vaping can harm the lungs, which are vital parts of the immune system. Vaping can make it harder for lungs to fight off infections.
  • If you're ready to quit vaping, you aren't alone. There are resources that can help you quit at your own pace.
  • This is Quitting offers free, 24/7 support that is totally anonymous. 
  • Sign up for This is Quitting messages and get free advice from real people to help you deal with cravings, stresses, and slips.

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Vaping can make it harder for lungs to fight off infections. Text VapeFreeFFX to 88709 and sign up for free text message support from This is Quitting. 
  • Are you ready to quit vaping? Text VapeFreeFFX to 88709 and sign up for free text message support from This is Quitting. 
  • Break up with your vape. Get the help you need to quit at your own pace, on your own terms. Sign up for free text message support by texting VapeFreeFFX to 88709.
  • This Is Quitting is a completely free, totally anonymous text-based quitting program that provides tips and support to help you quit vaping. Text VapeFreeFFX to 88709 and sign up.
  • Thinking about quitting vaping and unsure about how to start? Sign up for This is Quitting text support and get 24/7, totally anonymous advice from real people to help you deal with cravings and stresses. Text VapeFreeFFX to 88709 and sign up.
  • 4 out of 5 FCPS high school students don't vape. You can quit vaping, and you don't have to do it alone. Text VapeFreeFFX to 88709 and sign up for free, anonymous, 24/7 support from This is Quitting.

Suggested Hashtag and Links

When posting, please consider including the following:


Vape Free Fairfax

Quit Vaping

Support Someone Who is Quitting 

Social Media to Follow and Mention

Fairfax County Health Department: Facebook, @fairfaxcountyhealth  | Twitter, @fairfaxhealth

Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board: Facebook, @FairfaxCSB | Twitter, @FairfaxCSB

Fairfax County Public Schools: Facebook, @fcpsva | Twitter, @fcpsnews

Sample E-mail and Newsletter Content 

The Fairfax County Health Department offers a free mobile vaping cessation program for youth and young adults in the Fairfax County area in partnership with the Truth Initiative. Vaping among youth and young adults has become a concern nationally and locally. Fairfax County's Youth Survey (2019 - 2020) reported 15.1% of high school students vaping within the last 30 days of being surveyed. 

In the response to the lack of evidence-based treatment for cessation of these products among these younger populations, the Truth Initiative created This Is Quitting, a first-of-its-kind teen and young adult focused vaping cessation text messaging program. Built on scientific research from the Mayo Clinic, national cessation treatment guidelines, and empirically validated cessation treatment methods for young tobacco users, the program supports users through the quit process by enabling them to set a quit date, providing 12 weeks of tailored daily text messages, and providing users with on-demand support for cravings, stress, relapse, or desire for more messages. The Health Department’s partnership will also enable users to be connected to local resources to further support their cessation efforts. 

This is Quitting is completely free and anonymous. To sign up, text VapeFreeFFX to 88709.

Learn more about This is Quitting and vaping in Fairfax County.

Social Media Images

Ready to Quit Vaping? It doesn't have to be a solo journey.
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Reasons for Quitting 
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Cravings got you down? Chew a piece of gum. Spend some time in meditation. Go for a walk or run. Call a friend or family member.
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