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Behavioral Health

Promoting social and emotional wellness for all.

Behavioral health is a broad term referring to a person’s state of emotional well-being and the factors that affect it, including mental health conditions, substance abuse and other behaviors. While mental health conditions affect tens of millions of Americans each year, studies show that less than half of those individuals seek treatment.

The stigma associated with behavioral health disorders, especially prevalent in many minority and at-risk communities, is often a barrier to seeking help and accessing treatment. Efforts aimed at reducing stigma and social isolation among at-risk youth and adults are critical to reversing the prevalence of mental distress, suicidal thoughts and behaviors and poor health outcomes associated with substance abuse. Furthermore, prevention strategies that promote the development of effective stress management and coping skills can enhance resiliency, or the ability of individuals to effectively withstand and overcome challenges.

In addition to these social-emotional risk factors, mental health issues and substance use are also associated with environmental risk factors. Changing the community and environmental conditions in which people live, work and play can have a positive impact on behavioral health outcomes. The Partnership aims to foster greater community well-being by building awareness of behavioral health resources, promoting safe environments for individuals at risk of suicide and strengthening policies and practices that decrease access and exposure to potentially harmful substances.

Community Health Improvement Plan

The strategies included in the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) advance a comprehensive approach to promoting behavioral health by complementing other community-wide efforts to prevent suicide, combat the opioid epidemic, enhance children’s behavioral health services and promote trauma-informed practices.

See the Behavioral Health goals, objectives, and progress.

Our Workplaces Play a Significant Role in Our Wellbeing

As part of CHIP efforts, the Behavioral Health team created a resource guide to encourage institutions to serve as safe and supportive environments for mental well-being and play a proactive role in improving the mental health for all. 

Read the guide.

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