December “County Magazine” Features Clean Water, Arts, New Facilities in Lorton and Volunteer Recognition

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The December edition of "County Magazine" features several topics of interest to county residents, highlighting some of the many things that make Fairfax County a great place to live, work and play.


The Department of Public Works and Environmental Services wants residents to understand water quality issues affecting local rivers, streams and aquatic life. Water's chemical makeup and pH levels can impact not only the taste and mineral deposits in water systems but also the health of plants and animals living in area waterways. Pollutants like hazardous chemicals, trash, grease and pharmaceuticals should be properly disposed of to avoid contaminating water. Simple changes like using environmentally safe lawn products can also make a difference. As the video states, "Quality of water, quality of life."


Arts Fairfax, a nonprofit supporting the arts in Fairfax County, recently held its annual awards luncheon at Capital One Hall. The event recognized local arts organizations, educators, innovators and patrons that make the county a vibrant cultural hub. Attendees spoke about the importance of ensuring all county communities have access to arts programming and resources, especially within Title 1 schools. Arts education provides creative outlets and emotional benefits for youth. With continued support, the arts will enrich resident's lives.


This fall, Fairfax County opened a new animal shelter campus in Lorton that also houses the new Lorton police station. At the lively community celebration, residents toured the unique facility focused on shelter pets' health and socialization. Features like indoor/outdoor cat enclosures and play yards help reduce animal stress. Officials emphasized the high quality of care and service at the county shelter, which has one of the nation's highest adoption rates. The colocation of the animal shelter and police station allows for effective coordination of animal control services.


Each year dedicated volunteers lend their time and expertise to supporting Fairfax County parks. Recently three volunteers were honored for their work surveying parks for invasive plant species and rapidly coordinating treatment efforts. Their early detection and quick response approach over the past year helped control invasions across more than 200 acres of parkland. Catching infestations early prevents further spread and protects native species and ecosystems, saving substantial management resources. Their efforts showcase how knowledgeable volunteers can significantly contribute to the future health of local parks. These volunteers are just a small number of volunteers receiving recognition through the annual Elly Doyle Park Services Awards.


“County Magazine” is produced by Fairfax County Government Cable Channel 16, which can be viewed on Cox Cable on channel 1016 (HD) and channel 16 (SD); Verizon Fios channel 16 (SD); Comcast channel 16 (SD); via digital TV with QAM tuner on channel 34-16; as well as live online

Past episodes of “County Magazine” can also be viewed on the county’s YouTube channel as they are published each month; be sure to subscribe for notifications. Past programs are also available via a County Magazine Playlist.

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