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Elly Doyle Park Service Awards

The Elly Doyle Park Service Awards were established in 1988 and recognize Ellamae Doyle's many years of service and accomplishments as a member and chairman of the Park Authority Board. The County's park system expanded and thrived during her tenure with the addition of significant open space, construction of new recreational facilities and a commitment to preservation of natural and cultural resources in Fairfax County.

The Harold L. Strickland Partnership and Collaboration Award honors the retired Park Board member’s long service and significant contributions to the Park Authority. This award recognizes teamwork and cooperation necessary to provide state-of-the-art facilities in our Fairfax County Parks. 

The Mayo Stuntz Cultural Stewardship Award honors historian, volunteer and acclaimed author Mayo S. Stuntz, and recognizes contributions to our cultural preservation efforts.  

The Sally Ormsby Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes Sally B. Ormsby’s many years of service as a citizen steward and honors others who help preserve and educate about local natural resources and the importance of the environment.

The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award is a new award approved by the Park Authority Board on March 23, 2022. This award recognizes significant, tangible contributions made by individuals, organizations or businesses that help accomplish the Park Authority’s strategic priority to enhance diversity systemwide and foster a culture of inclusion in parks and/or within the surrounding community.

This year’s winners and honorees will be celebrated during a virtual ceremony on November 18, 2022.

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2022 Elly Doyle Park Service Awards

View Past Award Winners

2022 Awardees

Harold L. Strickland Partnership and Collaboration Award

  • The Friends of Frying Pan Farm Park
  • Friends of Lake Accotink Park (FLAP)

2022 Outstanding Volunteer Awards

  • Ana Alatrash
  • Dave Barnard
  • Ava Belmont
  • William Doud
  • Dan Dyke
  • Elizabeth Etherton
  • Alan Figgatt
  • Gioia Forman
  • David Gorsline
  • Janet Jaeger
  • Susan Jones
  • Brian Keith
  • Owen Krzos
  • Kristine Lansing
  • Jerry Lopynski
  • Mike Messman
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Brenda Pryor
  • Beverley Rivera
  • Alice Schipf
  • Mary Beth Smith

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Award

  • Hansaben Dave
  • Pravinchandra Dave

Eakin Philanthropy Awards

  • The Adler Foundation
  • Ellanor C. Lawrence Park Friends
  • Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
  • Leidos
  • McLean Youth Soccer
  • Wegmans

Elly Doyle Youth Award

  • Ava Belmont
  • Yasmine Marrero

Elly Doyle Special Recognition Awards

  • Stuart Copan
  • Chuck Welch
  • Jefferson Manor Citizens Association

Elly Doyle Park Service Awards

  • Stephen Markle
  • Willow Martin
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