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Protect Yourself Against Financial Crimes

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Only you can eliminate a thief’s opportunity to steal your property, identity, and good name. Use the following tips to protect yourself against financial crimes:

  • Don’t keep your PIN written down and near your credit or debit card
  • Sign new credit/debit cards as soon as you get them
  • Destroy old cards after expiration
  • Diligently review all bank statements every month
  • Never give your account information over the phone to someone you don’t know
  • Never provide your PIN to anyone. Your bank or credit card company will never request it
  • Make sure your credit/debit card is returned after each use
  • Do not include your Social Security Number on your checks
  • Do not write your credit card number on your check
  • Get in the habit of inspecting to see whether any checks are missing from your checkbook or your check order
  • Immediately notify your bank if a check is missing or if checks you ordered are not received
  • Criminals who use scams for financial gain can be great con-artists. If a deal sounds to good to be true, it probably is
  • Never allow anyone to work on your home/business until you have a signed  contract outlining the specific work to be done and a specific start and finish date
  • Always get several estimates before accepting a contract for work on your home/business
  • If you become a victim of financial crime, immediately contact your bank, the Fairfax County Police Department, and the three major Credit Reporting Agencies
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