Public Trust and Confidentiality Policy

In 2021, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Public Trust and Confidentiality Policy (Trust Policy) to reaffirm current county policy and improve community health, welfare, safety, security and trust by ensuring that immigrant residents can access county benefits and services without fear that the information they share will be disclosed to federal immigration officials.

The Trust Policy makes that promise concrete by establishing mandatory countywide standards for information sharing and other protections for our immigrant neighbors. We will do everything we can to help people get the services and access to their county government they need. The Trust Policy further ensures that the County is not a source of personal information that those outside the County can exploit for their own purposes.  More information for Immigrants in Fairfax County.

The Trust Policy

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Trust Policy General Directives

Trust Policy General Directives

I.  General Standards for Agencies and Employees

II.  Procedures and Responsibilities Under the Trust Policy

III.  Agency Standard to Limit Availability of Personal Identifiable Information

IV.  Compliance Review

Under the lead of the Chief Equity Officer, the Director of Immigrant Community Affairs will conduct a countywide compliance process review once a year to verify that all county departments and agencies are in compliance with the Trust Policy.

Trust Policy Compliance Concerns

Trust Policy Compliance Concerns

Do you have a Trust Policy compliance concern? We want to know! There are three ways to share your concern:

  1. Call us at 703-324-4000, TTY 711 and leave a message in your language. See the flyer for more information.
  2. Email
  3. Complete the online compliance concern form.
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