One Fairfax

One Fairfax is a joint racial and social equity policy of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and School Board. It commits the county and schools to intentionally consider equity when making policies or delivering programs and services.

It’s a declaration that all residents deserve an equitable opportunity to succeed — regardless of their race, color, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, income or where they live.

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Why One Fairfax?

While Fairfax County is a great place to live, learn, work, worship and play, persistent disparities predictable by race, neighborhood of residence and other social categories still exist in outcomes related to employment, housing, health and more. 

Disparities in outcomes are in part the result of longstanding inequitable policies, systems, and practices created and maintained by government.

The One Fairfax Policy establishes shared definitions, focus areas, processes and organizational structure to help county and school leaders to look intentionally, comprehensively and systematically at barriers that may be creating gaps in opportunity. The One Fairfax Policy includes a purpose, definitions, areas of focus to promote equity, process and roles.

One Fairfax Video Playlist

Watch One Fairfax: A Vision for Equity to learn more. The video is available with captioning in the following languages: EnglishEspañolالعربية한국어Tiếng Việt中文اردو and فارسی

5 Key Equity Drivers

The Chairman’s Task Force on Equity and Opportunity was convened in September 2020 to better understand the drivers of inequity in Fairfax County and to develop recommendations for accelerating the county’s progress towards becoming One Fairfax. The insights and recommendations developed by the Task Force were identified as critical to advancing racial and social equity in Fairfax County.

The opening statement in each area below was the Task Force’s vision for the related key equity driver.

Community Health and Wellbeing

Fairfax County is a place where all people can attain their highest level of health and wellbeing.

Related Efforts and initiatives:

The Vaccine Equity Strategy Team, comprised of county staff from the Health DepartmentNeighborhood and Community Services, the Office of Public Affairs and the One Fairfax Central Team, was convened in early 2021. The team reviewed data and promoted equity in vaccination through targeted strategies toward population groups and communities with lower vaccination rates. 

Community Safety and Justice

All people in Fairfax County are entitled to expect that their law enforcement and other public safety departments provide service consistent with the roles defined for them through community involvement and input, and that they should to do so in a manner that is fully transparent and accountable to the public, ensures through implicit bias and cultural competency training that all persons are treated equally and that racial, cultural or other profiling does not occur, and prevents the excessive and unnecessary use of force.

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Cradle to Career Success

All people in Fairfax County, from cradle to career and beyond, are taking advantage of inclusive, responsive, high quality, and accessible learning opportunities that enable them to grow, prosper, and thrive, to become self-sufficient and engaged county residents.

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Equitable Community Development

Fairfax County is a place where all people live in communities of opportunity with the ability to engage fully in decisions that affect their lives and neighborhoods.

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Inclusive Prosperity

Communities of color are driving Fairfax County’s population growth, and their ability to contribute to the economy and share in its benefits is central to the county’s success.

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Equity Impact Plans

Each year, departments and agencies create equity impact plans to ensure that equity is intentionally considered in decision making. These plans are helping the county operationalize One Fairfax and deconstruct barriers to opportunity.  



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One Fairfax History

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