Equity Impact Plans

While Fairfax County is a great place to live, learn, work, worship, and play, persistent disparitiOne Fairfax Logoes predictable by race, neighborhood of residence and other social categories, still exist in outcomes related to employment, housing, health, and more. Disparities in outcomes are in part the result of longstanding inequitable policies, systems, and practices created and maintained by government. In the spirit of becoming One Fairfax, a County where all residents can thrive and live to their fullest potential, we must:

  • Actively investigate the roots and trends of inequity
  • Work collectively across departments and in partnership with the community and other stakeholders
  • Deconstruct structural barriers to opportunity that have been produced by policies, systems, and practices and have led to inequitable outcomes across geographies and racial and social population categories

This work can be achieved through department/agency Equity Impact Plans (EIPs) – a necessary step that can catalyze meaningful action towards institutional and structural change.

Cross Systems Initiatives

Cross Systems Initiatives involve multiple departments or groups working with partners across government and other sectors to address specific issues.

What can Equity Impact Plans do?

  • Equity Impact Plans operationalize the county’s expressed commitment to advance racial and social equity through the One Fairfax Policy
  • Serve as blueprints for advancing racial and social equity in various areas of work within our departments, agencies, and cross-system initiatives.

What's in Equity Impact Plans?

  • Departmental equity guiding statement and context describing equity-related issues and trends
  • Goals, actions and performance measures
  • Relationship to the Countywide Strategic Plan and One Fairfax Policy areas of focus 

Have Questions?

Get in touch to learn more information about these Equity Impact Plans, One Fairfax or how the County is advancing racial and social equity! Email us at OneFairfax@fairfaxcounty.gov.

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