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Interim Metrorail Parking in Tysons- Request for Interest (RFI)

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) seeks to form agreements with Tysons property owners who are interested in providing parking for Metrorail users on an interim basis. These agreements aim to create more options for residents to access Metrorail stations and provide property owners a way to put underutilized parking into productive revenue. Fairfax County does not intend to contribute financially to or gain financially from these agreements.

Key Things to Know About Parking Agreements

Properties that are eligible for the formation of these agreements in Tysons:

  • Must be within half a mile of one of the Tysons Metrorail Stations;
  • Have parking in surface lots or structures;
  • Have safe pedestrian and vehicular access to and from the parking site; and
  • Have adequate parking for existing uses

These agreements, which are negotiated to the satisfaction of all parties, can vary in length depending on individual applications and sites.

  • The process of establishing these mutual agreements involve no requirements for zoning approvals.
  • The establishment of parking rates for each individual location will be determined by the property owners and management representatives, and all parking fees will be retained by the property owners and management representatives.
  • All costs associated with establishing and operating the parking areas will be the sole responsibility of individual property owners and management representatives.

Submitting a Letter of Interest

Property owners and management representatives who are interested in establishing an interim parking agreement in Tysons should send a letter of interest to the contact listed below, along with the following information:

  • Property Address
  • Property Tax Map #
  • Map of property with anticipated interim parking area outlined
  • Range of anticipated number of spaces for interim Metrorail parking

Responses are requested by March 31, 2018, but will be accepted at any time.

Please send your responses via email to or by mail to Sean Schweitzer,Transportation Planner II, Fairfax County Department of Transportation, 4050 Legato Road, Suite 400, Fairfax, VA 22033

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