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Sharon Bulova,
Chairman, At-Large

Community Council on Land Use Engagement


To produce a set of recommendations that would improve Fairfax County's public outreach and community engagement in the land use and development process.


The Community Council on Land Use Engagement was created by Chairman Sharon Bulova in January 2017. The Council was chaired by former Planning Commissioner Walter Alcorn, and its 25 members included new and long-time Fairfax County residents, district land use committee members, citizen association representatives, developer representatives, and County staff from the Office of Public Affairs, Department of Information Technology, and the Office of the Deputy County Executive. The Community Council met six times between February and May of 2017, and heard presentations from County planning and zoning staff, Planning Commissioners, Sup. Linda Smyth, a civic association leader, a land use committee chair, and a land use attorney. 


Walter Alcorn, Chairman, Hunter Mill District, former Planning Commissioner, Consumer Electronics Association

Scott Adams/Lori Greenlief, McGuirreWoods (Land Use Attorney/Planner)

Matt Bell, Mt. Vernon District

Robert Cain, Braddock District

Karen Campblin, Sully District

Bill Canis, Dranesville District

Mike Carlin, Springfield District

Michael DeLoose, Springfield District

Sherry Fisher, Braddock District

Al Francese, Sully District

Deborah Fraser, Mason District

Elizabeth John, Dranesville District

Barbara Lippa, Sully District

Jeffrey Longo, Mason District, Sleepy Hollow Manor Citizens Association

Sandra Lukic Dapoigny, Braddock District

Brad McKinney, Mason District

Carrie Nixon, Providence District

Kevin O'Neill, Braddock District

Vincent Picciano, Braddock District

Chris Soule, Lee District

Annmarie Swope, Hunter Mill, Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations

Fran Wallingford, Providence District

County Staff:

Tony Castrilli, Director, Office of Public Affairs

Tom Conry, Department of Information Technology

Chase Suddith, Office of the Deputy County Executive


For more information or for additional materials, please email or call 703-324-2321.


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