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Chairman Jeffrey C. McKay is a lifelong Fairfax County resident, born and raised on the historic Route One Corridor. As Chairman, he represents Fairfax County’s 1.2 million residents. In addition to passing a balanced budget each year, the Board drives policy initiatives centered around priorities such as affordable housing, protecting our environment and sustaining our world-class school system.

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Statement from Chairman McKay

April 15, 2021
To the Fairfax County Community, As you may know, starting Sunday, April 18, all individuals in the Fairfax Health District who are 16 or older will be eligible to directly schedule a vaccine appointment through as Fairfax County moves into Phase 2 with the rest of Virginia. This is a significant change in how to make a vaccine appointment and I urge you to read the following information carefully. With this new system, Fairfax County will no longer be the primary registration point for the COVID-19 vaccine. VaccineFinder displays available appointments from approved vaccine providers across the County, including the Health Department, pharmacies, hospitals, and some private practices. However, clinics managed by the Health Department and some of its partners may not be listed on that site until late April or early May due to available vaccine supply and the need to finish vaccinating those on our Phase 1 waitlist. Everyone who is on our waitlist before it closes at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, April 17, will be contacted to schedule an appointment within approximately one week of Sunday. All Phase 2 residents interested in obtaining a vaccine should utilize VaccineFinder. Residents are encouraged to schedule an appointment on VaccineFinder with any provider based on the day, time, and location that is most convenient for them. Be aware that each provider may have different processes to sign up to get an appointment. If you are on our current waitlist but get vaccinated by another provider, please remove yourself from our waitlist. Our current registration system was necessary in Phase 1 to accommodate the state mandated prioritization of residents. In Phase 2, we now have a larger pool of community vaccination sites that allows us to shift to this new process. This will allow greater flexibility and choice of where residents receive their vaccine. For Those in Phase 1 As mentioned above, everyone who is on our waitlist before it closes at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, April 17, will be contacted to schedule an appointment within approximately one week. You will not lose your place in the queue. That said, you should also feel free to check VaccineFinder should an appointment be available outside of the Health Department sooner. If you are considered Phase 1 and wish to register after April 18, you may do so through the state registration system. The Fairfax preregistration will be retired. Following April 18, individuals in the Phase 1 group can choose to schedule appointments on VaccineFinder or can register at Vaccinate Virginia if no appointments are available. For assistance, call the State’s call center at 877-829-4682 or the Fairfax County call center at 703-324-7404. Vaccine Supply As of April 14, VDH data shows that the Fairfax Health District has fully vaccinated over 239,000 residents, which represents 20.8% percent of our population. While vaccine supply in Phase 1 has been a challenge, particularly for larger jurisdictions, Fairfax continues to outpace its Northern Virginia counterparts in the percentage of population fully vaccinated (Alexandria —19.7, Arlington —19.1, Loudoun —18.8, and Prince William — 15.9). In addition, approximately 36.2% of the Fairfax population has received at least one dose. As the transition to Phase 2 occurs, our demand for vaccine still surpasses supply. For the next few weeks for example, we only expect deliveries to total around 30,000 doses per week. It is anticipated that vaccine supplies will begin to increase throughout the spring and summer. The high demand for vaccination in Fairfax County combined with the available vaccine supply will continue to be a challenge, especially in the initial weeks of Phase 2. With patience and care, we will get everyone vaccinated. Using Vaccine Finder To find available appointments visit Enter your zip code and select a search radius. Once appointments are available for clinics managed by the Fairfax County Health Department in a few weeks, those clinics will also be listed on the map alongside other community providers and pharmacies. VaccineFinder is not currently available in other languages, but users can change their web browser settings to their desired language. If you need assistance in another language or have difficulty using the online system, call the Fairfax County Health Department at 703-324-7404.

Statement from Chairman McKay

April 13, 2021
To the Fairfax County Community, Today, the CDC, the FDA, and VDH recommended pausing all Johnson & Johnson vaccinations because of the occurrence of a potentially rare side effect. As a result, Fairfax County will not be administering J&J vaccines until further notice. While this is concerning for nationwide vaccination efforts, as I know many states and localities were dependent on vaccine, this will not impact Fairfax County vaccine appointments. This is because we were already experiencing a shortage of J&J vaccine doses due in part to a nationwide shortage. No new shipments of this particular vaccine were scheduled for the next few weeks. If you have received the J&J vaccine and have developed a severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath within three weeks of vaccination, you should contact your healthcare provider. In addition, today was the first of three days of public hearings on the FY2022 budget (see the below timeline). You still have time to review the budget and testify in front of the Board. Learn how to testify here. The agenda for today's Board meeting is available for your review here. For COVID-19 resources mentioned in past newsletters, visit my website. If you have a friend who would like to sign up for this newsletter, they can do so here. Read more

Statement from Chairman McKay

April 5, 2021
To the Fairfax County Community, Today, individuals who live or work in the Fairfax Health District that fall into the following categories are now eligible to register to get a COVID-19 vaccine: Energy Water, Wastewater, Waste Removal Housing and Construction Food Service Transportation and Logistics Institutions of Higher Education Faculty/Staff For details on who is included in these categories, more can be found here and here. As always, you must register here. As we continue to receive more vaccine doses, we'll continue to get shots in arms quickly and showcase to the state our eagerness to advance. We expect to meet the Virginia Department of Health's April 18 deadline to begin Phase 2 of vaccinations. For COVID-19 resources mentioned in past newsletters, visit my website. If you have a friend who would like to sign up for this newsletter, they can do so here. Read more

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