Eviction Prevention

The economic impact of the coronavirus has ravaged communities across the nation, and has had a serious impact on Fairfax County, leaving many residents at risk of eviction. Some residents are more heavily affected and may require more resources to avoid eviction. In response, the county created the Eviction Prevention Task Force to coordinate a countywide approach to providing assistance to these vulnerable residents by bringing together county agencies and nonprofit partners in a collaborative effort to connect residents to services. This data and resources webpage provides information about the landscape that has created the potential for an eviction crisis in Fairfax County. 

See below for updates on Fairfax County’s Emergency Rental Assistance program.

Emergency Rental Assistance
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Eviction Prevention Resources

Eviction Prevention Resources

Eviction-Related Data

Eviction Data Dashboard

The Eviction Data Dashboard was developed to identify areas of the county where residents are most at risk of being evicted from their homes because of economic hardship caused by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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