5 Ways to Beat the “Rain, Rain, Go Away!” Blues

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Feeling a bit moldy? Are you having way too many bad hair days? Really tired of wearing your raincoat? You have lots of company! We are breaking records for longest stretch of measurable rainfall.

While this rain may be good news for our flowers and lawn, we miss the sunshine!

Here are five suggestions to help beat (or embrace!) the rainy day blues until the sun comes out again, which allegedly will be Sunday. Maybe.


1. Build or Buy a Rain Barrel 

There’s a lot of water falling from the sky. Why not capture it?! Rain barrels can be placed under downspouts to capture runoff from the roof with these benefits:

Provide your plants with water they will love. Unlike treated water, which is “softened” with dissolved minerals, rain water is naturally soft. The water stored in your rain barrel is better for washing your car and watering indoor or outdoor plants.

Save money and water. Instead of water from the tap or faucet, you can use the water you’ve saved to keep your home landscape happy and growing. You’ll also reduce your water bill!

Protect the Chesapeake Bay. By decreasing the volume of storm runoff, rain barrels also help moderate stream erosion and the resulting pollution that is impairing the Chesapeake Bay.

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2. Learn Myths About Rain Gardens

Rain gardens serve the dual purpose of improving landscape aesthetics and draining stormwater in an environmentally friendly and natural way. However, it’s important to plan a rain garden properly. For example, just because you have a persistently soaked spot in your lawn does not mean it would make a great rain garden.

What to Know About Rain Gardens


3. Flooding Tips

Though there have been no flood watches or warnings, it’s best to be prepared. We’ve been driving through puddles for a couple weeks now, but it could be worse. Make sure you and your family are prepared if flooding occurs this spring or summer.

Additionally, water might come inside your house. Here’s who to call:

  • Storm flooding during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.), call 703-877-2800, TTY 711.
  • For after-hours storm flooding emergencies that are not life threatening, call 703-323-1211, TTY 703-239-8498, and state that you are reporting a storm sewer emergency; this number is staffed 24 hours a day.
  • For sanitary sewer flooding, call 703-323-1211, TTY 703-239-8498.
  • If you have damp walls or floors, contact a water removal or restoration company.
4. Go to the Library

There are few better ways to beat the rainy day blues than cuddling up in a comfortable chair with a good book. Visit one of our library branches near you – a few reading suggestions:

  • Rain dogs: a Detective Sean Duffy novel
  • Rain! Rain!
  • Come Rain or Come Shine
  • Sheltering Rain
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5. Think June and Celebrate Fairfax!

A month from today, Celebrate Fairfax! begins three days of fun at the Government Center. Close your eyes and think about funnel cake, warm breezes and dancing to “Love Shack.”

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