Building Trust Between the Community and Police

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As dialogue, incidents and protests continue across the country with police and local communities, you may wonder what’s happening in your backyard.

Soon after the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova established the Fairfax County Communities of Trust to engage neighborhoods and promote positive interactions with law enforcement. This positive exposure to men and women in uniform helps build trust with residents and encourages kids from all different backgrounds to consider careers in law enforcement. It also helps public safety staff further understand the communities they serve.

There’s a lot of pain, frustration and hurt across the United States. The Communities of Trust, which includes all Fairfax County public safety agencies, FBI, other local law enforcement and, of course, various community organizations, is bringing a collective and calm local voice to the serious issues at the heart of the hurt.

The Communities of Trust is chaired by Shirley Ginwright, president of the Fairfax County Branch of NAACP. As she explains in this video, the group’s mission since December 2014 has been critical to the future of Fairfax County:


As a way to engage communities and promote positive interactions with law enforcement, the group holds neighborhood events where kids can enjoy games, food, face painting and more alongside police officers, firefighters, Sheriff’s deputies and FBI agents. Earlier this summer, Communities of Trust held its second public safety day in Bailey’s Crossroads.


Want to Discuss Public Safety in the Community?

If you would like to have an event in your neighborhood, whether it’s a fun Saturday afternoon or a large discussion forum regarding public safety in the community, then contact the Communities of Trust.

Contact Fairfax County Communities of Trust


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