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County Staff Temporarily Shelve Proposal to Discontinue Vacuum Leaf Service

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~Service will continue for at least three more seasons~

Collecting Vacuum LeafFAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. – Vacuum leaf service will continue until at least the 2025-2026 winter season following DPWES staffs’ postponement of a proposal submitted to the Board of Supervisors to discontinue the service following the upcoming 2023-2024 vacuum season. Residents who receive the service also will receive information through the mail with a status update.

As the service continues for the approximately 5% of County residences that receive it, DPWES will initiate an outreach campaign to provide information to residents on more environmentally-beneficial alternatives to manage leaves on-site.

Seasonal vacuum leaf service is not necessary to maintain healthy trees, has negative environmental impacts, detracts from the County’s core residential trash collection service, and creates public safety challenges. However, results from an online survey conducted by DPWES indicated most respondents were in favor of keeping the service and many current customers needed more information about alternative leaf management methods. Thus, the staff recommendation to stop the service is on hold, and there will be no public hearing to discuss the matter this calendar year.

Residents who wish to voluntarily withdraw from the service can do so using the petition process to support the County’s climate action plan and reduce the public safety impacts that arise when leaves are concentrated at the curb awaiting collection.

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