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Don’t Bring Bugs Back from Fall Leaf-Peeping Trips

August 27, 2019
“Whatever you may collect during your camping or Labor Day trips this fall, make sure it isn’t an invasive insect that can flourish in Fairfax County and kill trees,” said Joan Allen, Chief, Forest Pest Branch, Urban Forest Management Division (UFMD).

Managing Trees in Preservation Areas

August 27, 2019
If you own property that is near a stream, it may be part of a network of preservation areas known as Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Areas or RPAs.  RPAs have been established around coastal areas and tributaries in Virginia to protect water quality in the Chesapeake Bay.

How to Plant a Tree Booklet Available in Six Languages

August 27, 2019
The Tree Basics booklet has been updated by county urban foresters and members of the Tree Commission and is available to the public in six languages: English; Chinese; Arabic; Korean; Spanish; and Vietnamese and may be downloaded at Fairfax County Tree Basics Booklet.

Orange Striped Oakworm

August 20, 2019
This caterpillar is black and hairless with eight narrow orange or yellow stripes on its back. It is among the caterpillar look-a-likes that are common to Fairfax County, often mistaken for the gypsy moth, and is a native pest that usually does not pose a threat to trees in Fairfax County.

The Fall Webworm in Fairfax County

August 15, 2019
Over the past week we have received an increase in calls to the Urban Forest Management Division from residents who are concerned about large webby tents in tree branches. These webs are caused by fall webworm.

MS4 Program Wins Awards

August 14, 2019
The Water Environment Federation (WEF) honored Fairfax County through the National Municipal Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Awards Program for the second year in a row.

County Wins 2019 VACo Achievement Award

July 30, 2019
The Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) selected Fairfax County’s Stream Critter Cube Lab for a 2019 Achievement Award in the Best Large County Achievement category. This new lab was created by employees of the Watershed Education and Outreach Section, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES), for use in Fairfax County Public Schools. The awards recognize excellence in…

County Takes Steps to Mitigate Sewer Odors in Holmes Run Stream Valley

July 26, 2019
For obvious environmental and public health reasons, water used for bathing, laundry, washing dishes, cooking, flushing toilets, and industrial processes cannot be discharged into the environment before being treated. The challenge is to move wastewater safely from homes and businesses through neighborhoods to a treatment plant. This is where nutrients and pathogens are removed, and the water is…

Right Tree, Right Place

July 23, 2019
Trees provide numerous benefits to properties and the environment. Many trees can live for generations which makes the species selection process very important. When planted in an unsuitable location trees may cause problems over time.

New Approach to Outfall Restorations Saves Time and Money, Teaches New Skills

June 26, 2019
After a storm, rushing water scours stream banks and beds, undercuts banks, and aquatic critters and vegetation are buried in the sediment. An outfall is the discharge point where fast-flowing stormwater from parking lots, roads and other hard surfaces leaves the drainage system and enters a stream. The flow washes cigarette butts, beverage bottles and cans, food containers and pet waste and…
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