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Public works and environmental services

What We Do

The Department of Public Works and Environmental Services builds and maintains safe, reliable infrastructure that improves public health and provides a high quality of life for residents. The department’s four business areas – Solid Waste Management, Capital Facilities, Wastewater Management, and Stormwater Management – work together to create and preserve sustainable communities.

News Stories

Photo: Solar Panel in Recycling Bin

April 4, 2024
Fairfax County, VA – A Solar Panel Recycling program has been officially launched by the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES). Initially kicked off as a pilot project in November 2022, this innovative initiative marks a significant advancement in the County's environmental sustainability efforts.
Students at work in microscope lab
April 2, 2024
A group of Fairfax County elementary school kids learned not all field trips involve fields or aromatic flowers. Some provide a learning experience that involves dirty water and putrid smells. Sixth graders from Lorton Station Elementary recently participated in a workshop and tour on water science at the Noman Cole Pollution Control Plant.
Herrity garden cleanup by Operation Stream Shield
March 25, 2024
In a display of community spirit and environmental stewardship, the gardens at the Herrity Building on the Fairfax County Government Center Complex have been given a renewed lease on life this spring, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Operation Stream Shield and guidance from landscape architects of the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services Stormwater Management Division.

Featured Video

The Department of Public Works and Environmental Services in Fairfax County in collaboration with Operation Stream Shield crew from The Lamb Center rolled up their sleeves and dove into a spring cleaning mission. With the guidance of DPWES’ talented landscape architects, Suzie Foster and Sarah Roth, from the Stormwater Management Division, we focused on giving our native plants some much-needed TLC after the winter. Our efforts included deadheading spent blooms to make way for new growth and planting "live sticks" to encourage more greenery around our tranquil pond area. It's all about creating a thriving habitat for our local wildlife and a serene space for everyone to enjoy.

Water's Journey

Drinking Water - Wastewater - Stormwater

Clean water is our most important resource. To preserve water quality for future generations, we need to understand where water comes from, how we use it, and where it goes when it leaves our homes and businesses. 

APWA Accredited Agency

APWA Accredited Agency logoThe Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services is accredited by the American Public Works Association. This prestigious national accreditation program recognizes public works agencies that comply with or exceed recommended best practices. The recognition affirms the department’s commitment to providing the highest quality services to Fairfax County residents.

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