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Fairfax County Hosts Educational Water Workshop for Elementary Students

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~Students learn about wastewater and drinking water~

A group of Fairfax County elementary school kids learned not all field trips involve fields or aromatic flowers. Some provide a learning experience that involves dirty water and putrid smells.

Sixth graders from Lorton Station Elementary recently participated in a workshop and tour on water science at the Noman Cole Pollution Control Plant. Arranged by the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, the goal was to highlight the significance of water conservation, treatment, and sustainability.

The Noman Cole plant processes up to 67 million gallons of water daily, playing a pivotal role in protecting natural waterways and demonstrating wastewater management. The workshop provided students with an opportunity to learn about the wastewater treatment process, from the initial collection to the release of treated water into Gunston Cove. The program also included a hands-on lab experience where students simulated water treatment processes and conducted water quality tests.

Check out the field trip video:

In collaboration with Fairfax Water, the students were also educated on the journey and treatment of drinking water, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of water's cycle within the community. This initiative between DPWES, Fairfax Water, and Lorton Station Elementary is seen as a model for future educational outreach, emphasizing the importance of hands-on learning in fostering environmental stewardship among young minds.

The Department of Public Works and Environmental Services continues to commit to environmental education, community engagement, and the preservation of Fairfax County's natural resources. For further information on DPWES and its programs, visit Public Works & Environmental Services.

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