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Fairfax County, Virginia

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Fairfax County Fast Facts

Fairfax County Fast Facts: How Our Budget is Built

Adopting a budget is the most important thing local government does every year. When developing and passing a budget, the Board of Supervisors works hard to strike the right balance between keeping taxes affordable, and maintaining the quality services residents expect and rely upon.


Fairfax County Fast Facts: Who Represents You

As a Fairfax County resident in Northern Virginia, many elected officials represent you at the federal, state and local levels of government. Check out some “fast facts” about who represents you in Fairfax County Government.


Fairfax County Fast Facts: Stay Connected with Your County

Learn about the many ways to connect and engage with Fairfax County Government


Fairfax County Fast Facts: What Taxes Do We Pay in Fairfax County

Learn about local tax rates, service districts, ways to pay and Virginia's Dillon Rule.  A quick overview for residents and businesses alike in Fairfax County, Virginia.




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