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Donna Monacci,

Mature Living

Scammers strike in a variety of ways and new scams are constantly being introduced. In this episode of Mature Living, we’ll learn about recent scams that have been circulating in Fairfax and the steps the county is taking to protect us. In the first part of the show, Barry Kelly will tell us about his experience with scammers, and share details on a scam that was so stressful it put his wife in the hospital. Allison Fitch, a Fairfax County Adult Protective Services worker, tells us about the county’s new Exploitation Task Force, and how it’s working to protect us. The mid-show segment features GMU’s Olli Players, a senior volunteer acting troupe that re-enacts some of the more prevalent scams we see here in Fairfax County. In the second half of the show, Scott Hagerty, a combination inspector with Fairfax County’s Land Development Services, and Police Detective Jonathan Loesch of the Fairfax County Police Department, discuss recent scam cases they’ve handled, and tips on how seniors can protect themselves. (CC)

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