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Fairfax County Benefits Summary

Fairfax County Government is committed to our merit employees and through LiveWell and the Benefits Division, we endeavor to cultivate a culture of well being that empowers, educates and engages employees and retirees to make life-long choices that promote a holistic approach to their physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and financial wellness. The following is a summary of the benefits available to eligible employees.

For additional details, view the current Employee Benefit Summary Handbook, which shows current rates for all benefit programs, including health, dental, and life insurance.

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2019 Meeting and Health Fair Schedule (pdf)
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2019 Flu Shot Calendar (pdf)

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2019 Active OE Guide (pdf)
2019 Active Premium Chart (pdf)
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MotivateMe Rewards (pdf)
2019 Dental Plan Summary (pdf)
2019 Vision Plan Summary (pdf)
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2019 Active Co-Pay Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Active 90% Co-Insurance Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Active 80% Co-Insurance Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Active MyChoice Plan SBC (pdf)

2019 Retiree OE Guide (pdf)
2019 Retiree Premium Chart (pdf)
2019 Retiree Change Form (pdf)
Standard Beneficiary Form (pdf)

2019 Retired U65 Co-Pay Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Retired U65 90% Co-Insurance Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Retired U65 80% Co-Insurance Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Retired U65 MyChoice Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Retired with Medicare Co-Pay Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Retired with Medicare 90% Co-Insurance Plan SBC (pdf)
2019 Retired with Medicare 80% Co-Insurance Plan SBC (pdf)

Medical - Eligible employees can choose from four available plans, three through Cigna and a fourth with Kaiser Permanente. Plans are designed to offer comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage. Zero cost preventive care, when preformed by an in-network physician, is offered on all plans. FCG pays nearly 75% of the premiums for two-part and family plans and even more for individual plans. Part-time rates are available for employees in positions that qualify.

Vision - Bundled with medical plan selection and provided by Davis Vision, this plan covers eye exams, glasses or contacts annually.

Dental - This benefit is offered through Delta Dental of Virginia and provides access to national PPO and Premier Networks. FCG covers 50% of premiums.

Life - FCG provides life insurance coverage equal to one times your base salary for eligible employees, and the options to elect additional coverage for you and your dependents.

Long Term Disability - Income insurance that provides 60% of your basic earnings after 60 days of incapacity.

Flexible Spending Accounts - These accounts allow you to set aside a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis to pay for medical and dependent care expenses.

Retiree Benefits - Employees who qualify to retire from FCG are eligible to maintain their Health Benefits into retirement.

Defined Benefit (Pension) - The FCG Retirement System was established to help provide you with a continued financial benefit at retirement. Contribute a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis and this program can provide you with a monthly payment. The ultimate benefit is based on your final average salary and your years of service with the County. There are three separate systems, one for Employees, Uniformed and Police Officers. Employees must have five years of service to be vested in this program.

Deferred Compensation (457 Plan) - This plan is designed to complement the Defined Benefit Plan and to help you plan for a financially secure retirement. The 457 Plan managed by T. Rowe Price offers the opportunity to save a portion of your wages on a pre or post tax (ROTH) basis. A wide-range of investment options are available, each with differing levels of risk and return. Plan design features include loan, financial planning services and self-directed brokerage arrangements.

LiveWell logoWork hard. Play hard. Live well. Fairfax County’s award winning workforces wellness program, LiveWell, helps you and your family stay well during the work day, and beyond! Staying healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Small steps lead to big rewards.

  • MotivateMe, Total Well-being Incentive Rewards
  • Fairfax County RECreation Center discounts
  • Workshops and webinars
  • Weight Watchers discounts: online, on-site, and community meetings
  • Annual biometric screenings and flu shots for employees
  • Special events including Employee Field & Fitness Day, The Long Walk and Work-Out of the Darkness

Annual Leave - Employees earn annual leave based on their years of services. Part-time employees accrue annual leave on a pro-rated basis.

Sick Leave - Employees earn 13 days of sick leave per year. Part-time employees accrue sick leave on a pro-rated basis.

Holiday Leave - FCG observes 10 paid holidays per year. Holiday pay is available to part-time employees on a pro-rated basis.

Additional Leave Options - Generous leave policy to assist employees in managing family, medical or personal situations requiring time away from work.

Continuous Learning Opportunities - The County has several programs to develop and provide continuous educational opportunities. This includes onsite and online training, Tuition Assistance Program, Mentoring Program, Leadership Fairfax and Toastmasters.

Employee Commuter Benefit Program - This program encourages the use of transit and vanpools for travel to and from work. This benefit provides up to $120 per month per employee for transportation by bus, rail, or vanpool. By getting more people into fewer vehicles, transportation is improved for everyone.

Employee Child Care Center - Child care programs for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age who have one parent working a minimum of 20 hours per week with Fairfax County Government.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - A free and confidential service available to merit employees and members of their households. Services include short-term counseling and legal, financial and work-life referral services.