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Collective Bargaining

As a result of Virginia General Assembly-approved legislation that became effective in May, counties, cities and towns in Virginia can now bargain collectively with employees upon adopting an authorizing ordinance or resolution. Provisions eligible for negotiation will be determined by the final county ordinance which is under review. The Board of Supervisors has held several Personnel Committee meetings on the topic of collective bargaining. Responses to questions posed by Board of Supervisors members can be found in the Q&A Packages, and general questions are addressed in the FAQs. For questions or feedback, email


October 19, 2021 Collective Bargaining Ordinance


Personnel and Reorganization Committee meetings


In anticipation of the new law going into effect, the Board of Supervisors created a collective bargaining workgroup, led by Personnel and Reorganization Committee Chair Penelope Gross and Supervisor James Walkinshaw, including employee group representatives from the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and General County Government, elected officials from FCPS, County Executive Bryan Hill, FCPS Superintendent Scott Brabrand and other senior staff members.  The workgroup met in February and April of 2021, and feedback from the group was instrumental in planning related Personnel Committee meetings.

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