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2024 Health Plan Dependent Audit - All Fairfax County Government employees covering a spouse and/or dependent(s) in a county-sponsored health plan must complete the 2024 Health Plan Dependent Certification Form and submit it directly to the Benefits Division in the Department of Human Resources before Friday, December 1, 2023. Find the form and additional information here.

2024 Benefits Information

Sharing of Health and Benefit Information 

The Benefits Division will not share personal information, or enrollment details, with anyone other than the employee. To protect the privacy of subscribers, the Benefits Division will not provide details regarding benefit enrollment without approval from the employee, or an approved Power of Attorney on file with the Benefits Division. In lieu of a Power of Attorney, employees may provide "on-the-spot" permission for a one-time release of information. The employee would need to be present, in-person, or on the phone and provide verifying information before any details can be shared. This includes all family members and personal representatives. Any enrollment changes requested by someone other than the employee will only be granted after review and approval of a Power of Attorney or other legal documents. Privacy guidelines apply in all circumstances, for all family members, agency representatives, and even if both participants are current county employees. 

Qualifying Events

Qualifying Events are special circumstances, like changes in your family status, your job, or the job of your spouse, that impact benefits eligibility and may allow an employee the opportunity to add or change benefit elections during the plan year. Requested changes must be made on account of and must be consistent with the qualifying event and must be requested within 30-calendar days of the qualifying event. 

Common qualifying events include: 

  • Birth/Adoption of a child
  • Marriage 
  • Divorce 
  • Change in employment status of self or spouse 

If you experience a qualifying event, it is the employee's responsibility to notify the Benefits Division in the Department of Human Resources directly. Notification must be made within 30-calendar days of the event. Mid-year qualifying event changes cannot be made in FOCUS or by your Agency. Employees have 30-calendar days to make notification of the event and an additional 30-calendar days (60-calendar days from the qualifying event date) to provide all required documentation. Failure to submit documentation within the timeframe will result in no verification of a qualifying event or dependent eligibility.  

All mid-year enrollment/election changes take effect the first of the month following the qualifying event except for health plan enrollment of a dependent child as the result of a birth/adoption/permanent placement for adoption. This change will take effect on the date of the birth/adoption/placement. Financial benefit elections, plan changes, and all other benefit elections as a result of a birth/adoption/placement for adoption will take effect on the first of the month following the qualifying event. 

If you have experienced a qualifying event, please notify the Benefits Division via HR Central at or (703) 324-3311. 


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