Guide to Snow

Let It Snow!

This guide compiles what you need to know about snow and its removal (plowing, shoveling and more). We’re not in the weather prediction business, so we encourage you to be prepared for whatever Old Man Winter may throw our way.

Latest Snowfall Forecast

Here's the latest snowfall forecast from the National Weather Service. View the full forecast.  

snowfall foercast



VDOT Plow Tracker

Northern Virginia roads are divided into 647 snow maps. Use the Virginia Department of Transportation's snow plow tracker (activated when there's 2+ inches of snow) to check the status of your road and see what's been cleared.

VDOT plow tracker map

Private Streets

If a street within a townhouse, condominium or business complex is not posted with a state route number, then it is a private street. Snow removal is the responsibility of the property management company or homeowners association.

road maintenance map


It takes a whole community to shovel snow. While not legally obligated, we need your help to clear snow in front of residential or business properties so that all pedestrians (especially school children, those with disabilities and the elderly), may walk safely.

walkway maintenance map

8 Places to Consider Shoveling Snow

Get those snow shovels and blowers ready to tackle these recommended spots in your neighborhood:

  1. The sidewalk in front of your home
  2. Sidewalks in front of vacant homes or homes where residents are unable to shovel
  3. Fire hydrants
  4. Bus stops (there are more than 4,000 in the county!)
  5. Sidewalks/paths that lead to schools or community buildings
  6. Bike trails
  7. Storm drains
  8. Parking identified as accessible spaces for people with disabilities

5 Things to Know About Winter Weather Forecasts

five things to know about winter weather forecasts


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