5 Things To Know About Fairfax County’s New Solar Energy Initiative

solar panels

Here comes the sun!

Fairfax County is continuing to lead the way in advancing solar energy by launching a large-scale renewable energy initiative to reduce our utility costs and carbon footprint. We’re awarding contracts to solar power purchase agreement service providers to install solar panels on county properties. We will purchase electricity generated by the solar panels from the solar power service provider.

Here are five important things to know about the new solar initiative:

  1. This is the largest solar power purchase agreement (PPA) initiative launched by a local government in Virginia to date.
  2. More than 100 county buildings are included in the first phase of this initiative including schools and parks.
  3. Fairfax County will purchase solar energy generated by rooftop and carport/canopy arrays placed on site at county buildings but will not be responsible for installation, maintenance, operation or decommissioning of the arrays. That responsibility will rest with the PPA service providers.
  4. The contracts include favorable electricity rates that are fixed, as a result, this initiative could potentially yield over $60 million in electricity cost savings over the terms of the contracts.
  5. The contracts established with the solar PPA vendors allow other local governments in the area to take advantage of the competitive rates and reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills.

Three teams of solar providers were awarded contracts: Sigora Solar/Standard Solar, BrightSuite (a subsidiary of Dominion Energy)/Sun Tribe Solar, and Ipsun Solar/SunLight General Capital.

This initiative is just one piece of a larger set of strategies and actions Fairfax County is undertaking to address energy and climate-related issues. Other activities include the development of the Community-wide Energy and Climate Action Plan in the coming year, as well as planned work as part of our first-ever countywide strategic plan.

For more information about the solar initiative, please visit the website of the Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination.

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