Resources for Residents

On this webpage, you will find a variety of resources that will help you understand the impact of climate change and what you can do to help combat it. From videos about real Fairfax County residents to checklists with simple climate actions you can take in your daily life, we have information that will help you save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to changing climate.

Climate Action Checklist

Introducing the Fairfax County Climate Action Checklist: an interactive checklist designed to help you track your progress in adopting sustainable habits and making environmentally conscious choices that can also save you money. This Excel spreadsheet offers a list of 70+ individual climate actions you can take, along with their cost up front and yearly savings in both money and carbon emissions. Checkboxes help you keep track of what you've already done and how your savings add up. There are also links to incentives and resources to make taking actions cheaper and easier.

Not ready to tackle all 70+ climate actions? Check out our shorter checklists, all focused on a different theme. Translated versions of these checklists can be found on our Translated Resources webpage.

Personal Climate Action and Resilience
Home Energy
Solar Energy

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