7 Tips to Prevent Holiday Package Theft


Updated Dec. 3, 2018

There are lots of online sales everywhere you look and we’ve all been clicking away to have holiday gifts sent to our homes.

Unfortunately, every year our Police Department receives reports of stolen mail packages from around the county at apartments, townhomes and single family homes.

Here are important safety tips to help ensure you receive everything you order this holiday season:


#1: Signatures

Require a signature upon delivery. If you can’t be home, consider sending your item to a friend’s home, if they can be available to sign.


#2: Workplace Delivery

Have the item delivered to your workplace, if permitted.


#3: Pick Up Packages

Some vendors now have package pick-up locations; you have to go there to get your item but it is securely stored. Select in-store pickup versus shipping. You may save on shipping fees by picking up the item yourself! You also can have the package delivered or held at a carrier location, like a UPS or FedEX facility.


#4: Track Deliveries

Closely track your deliveries. Know exactly which day and around what time it’ll arrive. Many carriers offer text and e-mail notifications.


#5: High Tech Monitoring

Use a wireless door monitor that allows you to see your porch. Many services include a wi-fi-enabled camera and motion sensors so you can record video of any activity and speak remotely to visitors at your door.


#6: Provide Delivery Instructions

Asking a driver put your package in a more inconspicuous location around your home may reduce the likelihood of it being seen and stolen.


#7: Ask a Neighbor

Keep an eye on your neighbor’s home or ask a neighbor to watch for your deliveries. If you’re acquainted enough, you could hold the package in your home; or notify your neighbor their package has arrived if you have their phone number or e-mail.


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