Bikeshare Launches in Reston and Tysons; Here’s How it Works

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Capital Bikeshare is here!

17 stations have been unwrapped in Reston and Tysons (close to Silver Line Metro stations), offering another way to travel in those parts of the county, while reducing car congestion and advancing our overall economic success plan.


How Bikeshare Works

First, Bikeshare is designed for short, point-to-point transportation from one station to another. So what’s the cost? If you’re new to Bikeshare, you can try the system with a $2 single-trip fare. These single 30-minute trip passes are available at any station kiosk (24-hour and 3-day passes are available at kiosks, too). 30-day passes and annual memberships can be purchased online.

Join Bikeshare Online


Now, how do you access the bikes? The video below explains the system, but in short:

  • Step 1: Visit a Bikeshare station and take a bike using your membership card or debit/credit card. Bikeshare is open 24/7 (except for extreme weather).
  • Step 2: Go where you need to go — but bring your own helmet, which is recommended for safety!
    • 30 minutes of free ride time are included with each trip you take. So long as your trip ends in under 30 minutes, you will not pay an extra fee. For more details on pricing, visit
  • Step 3: Return the bike to any Bikeshare location.



Bikeshare Station Locations

There are currently 9 stations in Reston and 8 stations in Tysons, with several more to be installed by the end of the year. View this interactive map, which provides real-time status of available bikes:

Fairfax County becomes the fifth jurisdiction in the National Capital Region to join the Capital Bikeshare system, bringing the total number of stations to 435 across the District of Columbia, Arlington County, City of Alexandria and Montgomery County.

“Capital Bikeshare is a terrific and innovative transportation program,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova. “I am pleased Fairfax County has officially joined the Capital Bikeshare network to support a fun, healthy and sustainable way of getting around the region. Capital Bikeshare will also give residents and visitors a new opportunity to explore Fairfax County’s bicycle trail network.”

Fairfax County’s Strategic Plan to Facilitate Economic Success calls for creating dense, mixed use communities with many transportation options, and Capital Bikeshare helps to accomplish this goal. Not only do bikeshares often attract people who help to fuel an innovation economy, but also they produce tangible economic benefits.


A Word About Safety

Bikers and drivers need to be more attentive to additional bikes on the road, especially more so in Reston and Tysons.

A few quick tips for bikers:

  • Be a responsible bicyclist – obey all traffic control devices and use proper hand signals.
  • Always ride with the flow of traffic.
  • Dress safely – wear a helmet, wear bright colored clothing, and secure loose pant legs.
  • Ride defensively – anticipate the actions of other road users and watch for road hazards.
  • Pass vehicles with extreme care – turning vehicles may not see you.
  • Be aware of vehicle blind spots whether while riding or when stopped at an intersection.
  • Walk your bicycle when you get into traffic situations beyond your cycling abilities.

And if you want to really dig down into safety, here are the bicycle laws from the Virginia Department of Transportation:


Early Bikeshare Excitement

Bikeshare launched on Oct. 21. Here’s a sampling of tweets from the day:


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