“Dominion Square West” Approved in Tysons Featuring Metro-Accessible Buildings, Sky Park

sky park rendering


Cars will give way to people in the latest mixed use development in Tysons approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

Called Dominion Square West, this newest project will replace several car dealerships off Leesburg Pike with 1.7 million square feet in offices, housing and retail. This future development will be a quick three- to six-minute walk to the directly adjacent Spring Hill Metro Station.

dominion square west aerial

Capital Automotive Real Estate Services —also known as CARS, LLC— will redevelop a 7.63 acre ribbon of properties at the intersection of Springhill Road and Leesburg Pike. This strip of land is currently built out with more than 70,000 square feet in auto showrooms and service centers, plus their surrounding sales lots.


Development Plan

Dominion West will put up at least four buildings:

  • Two offices
  • Two apartments with up to 1,150 units, including 20 percent as affordable units
  • 90,000 square feet in retail
  • Three public parks, including a half-size athletic field

site plan

The two office towers that reach up to 400 feet tall will be closest to the Metro station and most buildings will feature ground floor retail.

The board’s approval also allows for an additional two residential buildings if the athletic field isn’t built. While the field’s final development plans were approved on Tuesday, this field’s construction is conditional. CARS plans to redevelop almost 12 acres on the east side of Spring Hill Road. If Dominion Square East is approved, CARS will not build the half field because the future eastern development includes a full-sized field. The two additional apartments would rise up on the two-acre site where the field would be located, about 1,000 feet from the rail station.


Sky Park: Recreation Four Stories Up

The project features 2.12 acres of new urban park space, including a sky park straddling between the two office buildings.

This aerial, public park floats 40 feet above the street below it, and it will provide amphitheater-style seating, a multipurpose stage for performances or outdoor movies, water feature, landscaping, public art, and movable tables and chairs.

sky park rendering

The development also will extend the plaza at the Spring Hill Metro Station, as well as make improvements. It will create a new 7,000 square foot civic plaza with landscaping, outdoor seating, and public art. It will connect to Metro’s existing plaza which the developer also will improve.

The development’s approved synthetic-turf, athletic field will be incorporated into a 1.6-acre public park. The field will measure 120 feet by 120 feet with 15 foot overruns. It includes bleachers, lighting and perimeter fencing, and the park also offers a multi-purpose sport court, picnic area, playground, and landscaping.


New Street Grid

Dominion Square will help to build out the local street grid in this area. The site is currently considered a “superblock,” but the development will carve this single block into four new, walkable ones. It will add five new streets to form this grid. Four streets will run north to south, intersecting Spring Hill Road:

  • Dominion Street
  • Roseline Street
  • Boone Boulevard
  • Meridian Street

Boone Boulevard will not be connected to the existing road in the Tysons Old Courthouse area. However, this new road segment allows for the possible, future connection of the current road to the Dulles Toll Road.


Bikeshare Station

The project includes bicycle parking throughout the development, and CARS will provide space for a future bikeshare station near the Spring Hill Metro station.



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