Don’t Let Mosquitoes Thrive; 12 Places to Check for Standing Water

tip and toss standing water



As the Zika virus continues to spread around the world, we can act locally to help prevent its spread here.

Mosquitoes LOVE standing water. They can breed in a container as small as a bottle cap, especially the Aedes mosquito, which is common to Northern Virginia. This mosquito is an aggressive daytime biter that will also bite from dusk to dawn. There is a risk Aedes mosquitoes could become carriers of the virus.

Since this container-breeding mosquito doesn’t fly far from where it lays its eggs, the most effective way to prevent the spread of Zika (and annoying bites) through mosquitoes is by eliminating breeding sites in our own backyards.

Anything that collects and holds water — just a teaspoon in a bottle cap — can be a potential breeding site.


Where to Tip and Toss Standing Water

Here are 12 locations to check at least weekly for standing water:

  1. Buckets, watering cans, bottle caps or any trash that can hold water
  2. Corrugated pipes for downspout drainage
  3. Bird baths and pet water bowls
  4. Potted plants with saucers
  5. Children’s toys
  6. Tarps on woodpiles and garden equipment
  7. Grill and patio furniture
  8. Wheelbarrows
  9. Containers under decks and porches
  10. Garbage cans, recycle bins and other barrels
  11. Tires
  12. Boats and boat covers

Not everyone will check or know to check these locations, so please share this list with neighbors and your homeowner’s association.

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