Footgolf Tees Off at Pinecrest


It’s Sunday afternoon at Pinecrest Golf Course in Alexandria, and players have abandoned the usual golf tee time for what some might consider kickoff time in the newest sport sweeping the nation – footgolf – a combination of soccer and golf.

footgolf“It’s really fun,” said 13-year old Andre Lamarque in a game with his friends Sebastian Boos and Harrison DiPetto. “We really like soccer and golf, and this is a new sport for us.”

Footgolf is especially popular with soccer enthusiasts like Steven Novotny and Jeff Homens, who grew up playing club soccer together near Baltimore. Now 26 and employed in the D.C. area, the childhood friends are excited about the prospect of playing footgolf at Pinecrest, the only footgolf course in Fairfax County.

“It’s inside the beltway, which is nice, and the game is super fun,” Novotny said. Homens agreed. “It’s an excellent way to work on your [soccer] skills in a relaxed manner,” he said. “I played [footgolf] once in Milwaukee, and this course is a lot nicer.”

Footgolf rules are similar to regular golf rules from the tee box to the greens, bunkers, hazards and holes of play. The difference is you don’t need any special skills to play footgolf. The goal is to get your soccer ball to land in each footgolf hole with the fewest number of kicks.

“If you can kick a ball, you can play footgolf. Players can either bring their own soccer ball or rent one at the clubhouse.” Pinecrest manager Sarah Oberther

In footgolf, groups of up to four players take their turns kicking their ball toward each hole and walk the course or ride in a golf cart. While the soccer ball doesn’t travel as far in the air as a golf ball, it rolls much farther in the fairways. Holes are 21 inches around and about 14 inches deep, and they are placed away from the traditional golf holes.

An 18-hole round of footgolf is just $12 per person (walking) if you bring your own ball or $15 if you rent a ball at the clubhouse. Footgolf tee times are available at Pinecrest on Saturday and Sunday afternoons starting at 1:30 p.m., and power carts are available for an additional charge.

To reserve a footgolf tee time or for more information, call (703) 941-1061.


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