FY 2020 Budget: How to Provide Input and Stay Informed

The Board of Supervisors values your input on the proposed FY 2020 budget. Here are several ways for you to provide your ideas and suggestions, and to stay informed during the budget process.

Graphic for providing budget feedback.



1. Public Hearings are April 9-11

Sign up to attend and speak at a public hearing at the Government Center on the proposed FY 2020 Budget:

The public hearings are televised on Channel 16, streamed live online and available to view on demand after the meetings.


2. Provide Video Testimony

Members of the public can submit video testimony for the April 10 and 11 budget public hearings. Comments must be limited to issues relevant to the budget. You are given three minutes to speak; if you are the spokesperson for a group you have five minutes.


3. Send an Email

Email your feedback and comments to our county budget staff no later than mid-April. Individual responses are not possible due to the high volume, but most answers can be found here during the budget process.


4. Town Hall Meetings

The Board of Supervisors is holding a series of town hall meetings in their districts in March and early April to get input from residents. You can still provide input to your supervisor through mid-April.


5. Stay Informed

Additional resources include:


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