Where Do Your Real Estate Taxes Go? Find Out With Our Calculator

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If you pay real estate taxes in Fairfax County, it may be difficult to understand where your tax money goes – most of us don’t think in terms of billions or millions of dollars. You want to know how much you are paying for our public schools, public safety and other government services provided by our county.

To provide taxpayers with more transparency, our Real Estate Tax Calculator helps you identify where your dollars are going, based on your own real estate assessment. You will be able to see the approximate amount of your real estate tax distribution based on the FY 2019 adopted budget using the tax rate of $1.155 per $100 of assessed value.

It is important to note that this educational tool helps illustrate where your tax dollars go, but that certain fees, including those for community centers, solid waste and service districts, are not included in this simulation tool since they do not impact all taxpayers. It will not be the same amount shown on your tax bill.

Find Your 2018 Real Estate Tax Assessment


How It Works

Using the 2018 countywide average assessment for all homes, which is $547,219, here is how the calculator works:


1. Select the FY 2019 tax rate.

2. Type in your address or your assessment amount and click on the submit button.

3. You will see a chart that shows some of the amounts that appear on your real estate tax assessment. The top line that reads “Real Estate” indicates how much you pay in real estate taxes, which is further broken down in the charts and graphs below.

4. Scroll down and you will see a pie chart that illustrates where your real estate tax dollars go. Please note this chart is illustrative – amounts are based on the percentage of disbursements from the General Fund budget. Some county services are paid for with funding sources other than real estate taxes.

5. Underneath the pie chart, there is a listing of where your real estate tax dollars go, including type, percentage and amount. Each listing also has a hyperlink for additional information.

Use the Tax Calculator


Using the example of the 2018 average assessment for all homes, which is $547,219:

Pie chart showing distribution of real estate taxes using average county home assessment.FY 2019 Tax Calculator chart showing showing distribution of tax dollars.



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