Listen To Two New Podcasts Featuring County Leaders and Book Debates

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With the recent launch of two new podcasts (Connect with County Leaders and You’re Making Me Read What?!?), we now have eight options for those who prefer to listen to their news.


Connect with County Leaders

This podcast is a monthly opportunity to meet and connect with our county leaders, to learn about the latest county news and information and hear more on specific programs and services. Each show will feature an interview with the county executive, a deputy county executive, agency directors, elected officials or other staff in leadership positions.

Listen below to the first episode with new County Executive Bryan Hill.

You’re Making Me Read What?!?

This monthly podcast is hosted by two librarians with very different reading tastes. Each episode features one of them picking a favorite book and trying to convince the other why they should read it. You can expect some lively discussion about the pros and cons on a wide variety of novels.

Listen below to the first episode, where Library Director Jessica Hudson tries to convince Deputy Director Christine Jones to read “The Wee Free Men” by Terry Pratchett.

More Podcasts

In addition to the new podcasts outlined above, we also offer shows on the following topics:

  • Board of Supervisors Highlights
  • Code Talk
  • County Conversation
  • Fairfax 50+
  • Health and Safety
  • News To Use
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